Keeping people safe with technology

Collision avoidance

Lopos significantly reduces the risk of collisions involving vehicles, personnel and equipment. Harness our intuitive technology to prevent accidents, injuries, downtime and financial losses.

Warehouse vehicles

Issue warnings in noisy, visually restricted environments where forklifts, reach trucks, pallet jacks and pedestrians coexist.

Pedestrian safety

Receive personal warnings and actively participate in avoiding incidents with heavy equipment; create incident reports with a touch on the wrist.

Overhead cranes

Decelerate cranes when they approach other cranes or assets while transporting loads; integrate with existing alarms or add suitable warning signals.

Quarrying machinery

In-cabin alerts promote safe, cautious driving to prevent vehicle-to-vehicle collisions.

Gates and doors

Alert drivers when nearing gates or doors, or reduce their speed to heighten awareness; prevent costly repairs. Integration for automatic opening is possible.

Enhance on-site safety with Lopos and cut repair costs

Universal vehicle compatibility

Our products are compatible with and can be fitted to all industrial vehicle types and brands.

Ready-to-use, comprehensive solution

A single safety beacon includes everything required and can be set up in less than 30 minutes.


Lopos Technology offers comprehensive 360° coverage up to 30 metres in every direction and boasts an accuracy of 15 cm.

No line of sight required

Our products provide alerts without needing a direct line of sight, detecting hazards in all directions, even through racking and equipment.

Smart online dashboard

Efficiently oversee and manage your devices remotely. Our real-time online dashboard presents a digital twin of every incident.

More than a simple collision warning system

Collision alerts

Our all-in-one device keeps vehicles, personnel and equipment secure with alerts. By continuously monitoring distances, our technology promptly warns individuals when they get too close.

Image showing how the speed control works on LoposAlert

Speed regulation

Our technology can moderate equipment speed to prevent collisions, especially in high-risk situations or slow zones, such as near gates.

image showing how the direction-based warning system works

Direction-specific alerts

Alerts are tailored based on the vehicle’s direction and speed, factoring in braking distances to reduce false alarms.


Breakthrough technology

Advanced ultra-wideband capacity

Our state-of-the-art radio technology ensures unrivalled precision and superior energy efficiency.

Rapid measurement

Our devices measure distances up to ten times per second with 15 cm accuracy.

Various alert options

Select from multiple alert types: LED, sound, vibration or speed restriction.

Robust and resilient

Our products are IP67 rated, making them suitable for any environment or weather condition.

All-in-one device

A single device is all that’s needed to start enhancing your safety. No extra infrastructure or constant internet connection is required for operation.

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How Lopos pedestrian safety works

Our pedestrian safety system combines a wearable for your employees with a beacon for your vehicles – using sound, light, vibration and speed control to alert workers.

LoposAlert Beacon

Two hardware devices, endless possibilities

Lopos provides bespoke hardware to help prevent collisions. Our beacon can be installed on any industrial vehicle or equipment, or used to establish fixed zones. Pair this with our personal wearable for enhanced pedestrian safety, both featuring auditory and visual alarms.



Online dashboard

Link all hardware to the Lopos software dashboard for centralized management and workfloor safety analysis. The Lopos dashboard’s actionable insights enable you to refine safety protocols and reduce incidents.

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