Breakthrough technology to avoid incidents


Latest radio technology for extra safety

Cutting-edge safety products; that is what we want to create at Lopos. So we’ve used ultra-wideband to create a device with unprecedented accuracy, longevity and convenience.


Works on
every vehicle

Our products can be installed on and used by all types and brands of industrial vehicles.


A single unit contains everything you need and can be installed in under 30 minutes.


Our beacons give 360° vision from 30 meters (98 feet) out and are accurate up to 15 cm (6 inches).

No need for
line of sight

Get warnings even if there’s no line of sight. Our products capture distance through racking and equipment.



Manage and control devices and events from behind your desk. Our dashboard offers a digital twin of every event.

Accurate up
to 15 cm

Thanks to our ultra-wideband technology, our devices measure distance with an accuracy of 15 cm or 6 inches.

No measuring

Our devices measure distance between each other 10 times per second. No more accidents because a device was too late in sounding the alarm.

Suited for any environment

With an IP 67 rating, our devices are water and dustproof, allowing you to use them wherever you need them.


Unique features made possible through technology

Not only do our devices provide you with a number of benefits, they include a number of nifty features that enable you to further improve safety on the shop floor.

Dynamic warning

Our warning range dynamically extends based on the driving direction and speed, creating a cone instead of just widening the circle around the vehicle. This results in fewer false-positive alarms, keeping up the productivity of your employees without reducing their safety.

Hold until clear

You want your vehicles to have a clear path of travel before they take off. Our Drive Guard solution uses our dynamic warning system to check the area for people. Only if the coast is clear, the operator can drive away. If not, Drive Guard will pause the vehicle.

Slow zones

Our beacons can integrate with and control your vehicles such as forklifts. This allows you to create slow zones around busy zones, sensitive equipment or gates and doors. Based on the distance from a stationary beacon, the maximum speed the vehicle can go, is capped.

Smart dashboard

We like to make it easy to adjust your HSEQ policy based on facts. That’s why we have our real-time online dashboard. Not only can you quickly and easily manage all your Lopos devices from it, you can also use the data from the devices to gain actionable insights. You could even use the visuals from it to train and educate employees.

It’s also budget-friendly

Quick and straightforward installation

Minimal initial investment required

Rapid user training

Intuitive DIY maintenance

Convenient scalability options


The Lopos technology is utilized in multiple use cases across a wide range of industries globally.


Logistics and Warehousing

Retail and Food Industry


Open-pit Mining

Waste Management

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