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Discover LoposAlert, the wearable that instantly warns you with a sound, light and vibration signal

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How far apart do colleagues need to be in order to maintain a distance of one and a half or two meters apart? It’s difficult to correctly estimate this distance and respect it at all times to ensure everyone’s safety. With LoposAlert it is child’s play.



LoposAlert is a small, light and portable device that measures the distance to other LoposAlert sensors in real time to help ensure sufficient space between employees.

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Contact tracing

Our privacy compliant contact tracing platform enables you to do contact tracing in less than one minute. Watch the video above for proof :). Next to this, our dashboard can be used to do physical interaction management.

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They work safely thanks to LoposAlert

Analog Devices

Atlas Copco








Mikron Tool



VIL Empowering Logistics

"It was a breeze to implement LoposAlert as extra COVID-19 prevention measurement. We saw immediate effect on the social distance behaviour of our staff - especially unsupervised. We went from idea to implementation in less then a week. Moreover, Lopos is very responsive to our requests. We see many use cases in the future for their UWB-based technology."

- Karolien Van Dinter, Prevention Advisor at Maersk Warehouse and Distribution
"The LoposAlert wearables really help us maintain the correct distance. Employees are immediately alerted by the alarm if they get too close."

- Marc Lambotte, CEO of Agoria

Advantages of LoposAlert


Very accurate and fast thanks to ultra-wideband (UWB) technology

Always active

Works indoors and outdoors, without infrastructure costs

gdpr proof

No privacy issues with GDPR-compliant contact tracing


Optimized for high-volume deployments

Long battery life

Long battery life

Always active

Always active

How does our contact tracing work?

Gateway transmission

The LoposAlert wearables register the contact tracing data and send it to a gateway whenever they’re within reach (10 to 20 metres from the gateway). Per building, there needs to be at least one gateway at a strategic location, such as the entrance or exit. It needs to be connected to a power supply and the internet through WiFi, Ethernet or 4G. The gateway then sends the contact tracing data to your online platform, where it’s visualized.

Online platform with statistics

On your online platform, you have access to a dashboard with the contact tracing data. Here you can see which devices have been in close contact and when. You can also see contact statistics (for example how many times people come closer than the required distance) and are able to download the data.


Thanks to the LoposAlert wearables, your social distancing is under control. Add the GDPR-compliant contact tracing to your wearables for €2-€7/month per device, and everyone is correctly contacted in time to be quarantined. Besides the access to your online contact tracing platform, also included in this price are regular updates, maintenance, hosting and deployment services.

GDPR compliant

The devices register the contact tracing data in an encrypted manner, so that it’s all registered anonymously. The contact tracing data is stored in a central and secure database. If anyone tests positive for COVID-19, the system sends the data of the devices who have been near them, so the right people can be contacted. Lopos does not keep any data of the connection between the serial numbers of the devices and the end users.

“We wanted the most comfortable, configurable and battery efficient social distance solution in the market, that’s why we selected Lopos for Atlas Copco. We are very happy with our choice. Furthermore, Lopos (as IMEC and Ghent University spin-off) has the expertise to help us in future use cases on real time location-based services.”

– Atlas Copco, Wilrijk

Works anywhere

Manufacturing companies


Garden centres

Construction sites






Care and nursing homes


Public institutions

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